No zuo no die (不作死就不会死)

Since: 2013

From: 1985 Gundam Z(高达Z)12th episode

Meaning: Do not take any risk and you won’t die.

It is a chinglish word which can be used in three main different situations:

1- when one achieves his own goal and prevails on another one, but wants to do it in an elegant and cool way;

2- if somebody has put himself in some troubles and, after doing that, complains about the situation;

3- to suggest to someone to use his words carefully.

no zuo no die


Need to know: As it is a chinglish expression, it is composed of a mix of Chinese and English language words. “Zuo” stays for the Chinese “作死” which means “taking risks”.

Related words: 高富帅, 疯狂打call, gay里gay气, 然并卵

In Use: 1- “不作死就不会死,哼,这就是挑战我的下场!” ( This time it was a really hard challenge but, anyway, if you don’t risk you won’t die! )

2- “不作死就不会死啊!从此你可都改了罢!” ( If you didn’t do that you wouldn’t come up with this problem! It’s up to you to know when to stop!)

3- “不作死就不会死,你可悠着点儿来!( Mind your words and take it easy!)

Interesting things: Check the Gundam Z 12th full episode  and try to find the exact moment when Kamille says: “no zuo no die”!

If you don’t have time to watch the whole episode, look for tomorrow New Chinese Word of the day, we’ll publish the precise time when Kamille says it!


4 thoughts on “No zuo no die (不作死就不会死)

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