Gay里gay气 – Gaylǐgayqì

Since: 2016

Origin: China, Weibo

Meaning: Man who behaves in a fancy way, somebody who’s effeminate or who acts like a queer chap.

It looks like this word is exclusively connected with homesexuality but, in fact, it’s not only this. This word is used to describe any man who acts in a peculiar way, who’s not direct and who’s, on the contrary, pretty mistifying. A flatterer, a queer chap. He’s effeminate.

Need to know: You can use this word in two different situations:

1- When somebody behaves like a gay

2- When somebody behaves like a woman

Related words: nozuonodie, 污中声友

In Use: “这个人gay里gay气的” (This man is too “gayligayqi”)

“怎么这么突然gay里gay气的!” (What happened? Why you suddenly turned so “gayligayqi”!)

Interesting things: Watch the drama “不一样的美男子” and you’ll better understand what “gay里gay气” means!


4 thoughts on “Gay里gay气 – Gaylǐgayqì

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